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Multi-strand Necklace 12Multi-strand Necklace 12Consisting of greenspot jasper, Swarovski crystal, and sterling silver (including the beautiful heart locket!), this fabulous two-strand necklace measures 20” for its shortest strand.
Victorian Ruffle 13Victorian Ruffle 13This stunning jewelry includes twisted black bugles, white and grey seed beads, and Swarovski crystal. All the metalwork is silver-tone pewter. Measuring 6.75“.
Set 149Set 149We used rainforest jasper and Swarovski crystal to complete another striking set, this one with a necklace, bracelet, and earrings! All the metalwork is silver-tone pewter.
Natural Bracelet 80Natural Bracelet 80Simply stunning! Consisting of unusual kiwi quartz, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter, this fabulous piece measures 7.5“.
Natural Necklace 139Natural Necklace 139This stunning jewelry includes hard to find red Picasso jasper, as well as “standard” red jasper, Swarovski crystal, and silver-tone pewter. Measuring a range of 16.75 - 19“.
Courtesan 6Courtesan 6Simply striking! This unique woven bracelet is made with hard-to-find red tigereye rounds of two different sizes, complementary seed beads, and copper-tone pewter. Its length is 7.25“.
Set 157Set 157Featuring pink mother-of-pearl, ivory freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter, this 3 piece set is perfect for you! We added a filigree cirlce with pearls for accent!
Hopscotch Bracelet 27Hopscotch Bracelet 27This 3-strand bracelet consists of a woven pattern of square beads, Swarovski crystal, glass pearls, and gunmetal pewter. It is 7.25“ long.
Zig Zag Bracelet 4Zig Zag Bracelet 4We used green glass rounds, blue seed beads, and silver-tone pewter for this beautiful hand-woven creation that is 6.75" long.
Zig Zag Bracelet 24Zig Zag Bracelet 24Consisting of stunning blue malachite, blue seed beads, and copper-tone pewter, this fabulous weave measures 7.25" in length.
Fantasy 61Fantasy 61We lovingly used green fiber optic (aka Cat’s eye) rounds, black seed beads and gold-tone pewter for this beautiful handwoven creation that is 7“ long.
Pearl Bracelet 10Pearl Bracelet 10This one-of-a-kind pearl bracelet is born of white glass pearls, Swarovski crystal, and silver-tone pewter. It is 7.5” long.
Natural Necklace 84Natural Necklace 84This captivating piece uses tigereye shards to form a clear Egyptian pattern. The tigereye is accented by Swarovski crystal, and silver-tone pewter chain and findings ending in a maximum length of 23.5“.
Camelot Bracelet 11Camelot Bracelet 11Proudly purple! We used well over 100 crystals in two shades of purple from Swarovski, matching seed beads, and sterling silver for this beautiful creation that is 7.5“ long.
Natural Necklace 57Natural Necklace 57Serious sparkle! This lovely necklace consists of blue goldstone, Swarovski crystal, and silver-tone pewter, including the hexagonal floral-patterned beads and the fleur-de-lis pendant. It adjusts from 19.25 - 21.25“ long.
Cat’s Eye Necklace 21Cat’s Eye Necklace 21Made for a lady of refined taste, this captivating piece uses pink fiber optic (aka Cat’s Eye) rounds and Swarovski crystal, accented by Sterling silver, and punctuated with an exquisite Sterling and marcasite cross. It measures 14.5” long.
Venetian Bracelet 4Venetian Bracelet 4Blue heaven! This one-of-a-kind bracelet is born of light blue and silver Venetian glass, Swarovski crystal, and sterling silver. Real silver inside the glass! This piece is 7.25” long.
Double Helix Necklace 5Double Helix Necklace 5Your neck NEEDS this beauty! A finely woven double helix of bugles and seed beads and finished with sterling silver, this necklace measures 16.5 - 17.5”
Venetian Bracelet 14Venetian Bracelet 14What does YOUR jewelry say about you? This understated, yet stunning bracelet includes Venetian glass of blue and gold, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter. It measures a hair under 7.5”.
Venetian Necklace 58Venetian Necklace 58Who doesn’t love pink! This one-of-a-kind piece is born of pink Venetian glass, including 5 large coins laced with copper to add a touch a elegance. Further accented with Swarovski crystal and copper-tone pewter, it measures 18.5 - 20.5“ long.
Victorian Ruffle 9Victorian Ruffle 9This elegant bracelet consists of cream bugles, green seed beads, and Swarovski crystal. The metalwork is copper-tone pewter. It is 6.5“ long.
Peyote 33Peyote 33X marks the spot! This unique item is woven of blue and green delica seed beads, forming a pattern of blue X’s over the green background. Its length is 7.5“.
Victorian Ruffle 8Victorian Ruffle 8This unique item is intricately woven out of gold bugles and red seeds beads, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter. Its length is 6.75“.
Handblown Glass Bracelet 2Handblown Glass Bracelet 2This stunning jewelry includes green (speckled with copper) handblown furnace glass, Swarovski crystal, and copper-tone pewter. Measuring 7.25“.
Venetian Necklace 59Venetian Necklace 59Don’t be sad, don’t be blue, this pretty necklace is just for you! Consisting of light blue Venetian twists and coins, glass pearls (also of light blue), Swarovski crystal, and silver-tone pewter, this fabulous piece adjusts anywhere from 22.25 - 24.5“ in length.
Natural Bracelet 2Natural Bracelet 2We used faceted mahogany obsidian, Swarovski crystal, copper rounds, and copper-tone pewter for this beautiful creation that is 7.25“ long.
Set 159Set 159For the musician in you, this beautiful 3 piece set consists of pink mother-of-pearl and matching pink glass pearls, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter. It features a pendant of musical notes!
Multi-strand Necklace 11Multi-strand Necklace 11This one-of-a-kind piece is born of three strands of snowflake obsidian, Swarovski crystal, and Sterling Silver. The shortest strand measures 17“ long.
Natural Stone Necklace 270Natural Stone Necklace 270This one-of-a-kind necklace is born of Russian amazonite, hematite, faceted cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystal. Clean and simple, yet unusual!
Courtesan 8Courtesan 8This one-of-a-kind piece is woven of faceted howlite rounds, Swarovski crystal, seed beads, and gunmetal pewter and measures 7“ long.
Gothic Collar 92Gothic Collar 92Pretty in pink, this necklace / choker is just for you! Consisting of pink glass pearls and seed beads, this fabulous piece adjusts from 13.5 - 15“ in length.
Venetian Bracelet 6Venetian Bracelet 6A cute little bracelet consisting of two beautifully complementary styles of Venetian glass, aceented by Swarovski crystal and sterling silver, with a length of 7.75”.
Cloisonne Bracelet 3Cloisonne Bracelet 3Featuring Cloisonne (enameled) coins and rounds, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter. We added a Fleur-de-Lis charm for accent! Length of 7.5“.
Venetian Necklace 32Venetian Necklace 32Consisting of periwinkle Venetian glass twists and rounds, Swarovski crystal, black rounds, and silver-tone pewter, this fabulous necklace measures from 19 - 21“ with the length od chain at the end.
Natural Necklace 9Natural Necklace 9Featuring smoky quartz, Swarovski crystal, silver-tone pewter, and a sparkling faceted crystal drop pendant! Necklace length ranges from 21 - 23“.
Fantasy 70Fantasy 70This unique woven item is made with matte onyx, Swarovski crystal, red seed beads, and silver-tone pewter. Its length is 6.75“.
Hopscotch Bracelet 25Hopscotch Bracelet 25Featuring intricate woven patterns of tubular beads and three strands with miracle beads, Swarovski crystal, and silver-tone pewter, this bracelet has a length of 7“.
Natural Necklace 1Natural Necklace 1This captivating piece uses rare Russian amazonite, Swarovski crystal, and sterling silver. Note the beautiful pendant, also featuring Russian amazonite! The necklace measures 19.5“.
Set 178Set 178This captivating three piece set uses wood jasper, Swarovski crystal, and gunmetal findings. Go earth-tone!
Cat’s Eye Bracelet 41Cat’s Eye Bracelet 41This stunning bracelet includes faceted gold fiber optic (aka Cat’s Eye) rounds, faceted cubic zirconia rounds, and silver-tone pewter accents. It measures 7”.
Natural Bracelet 102Natural Bracelet 102Featuring amazonite, Swarovski crystal, and gunmetal pewter, this brightly-colored piece will lighten your day! Length of 7“.
Natural Bracelet 28Natural Bracelet 28Featuring coins and rondelles of impression jasper, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter, this natural stone bracelet’s neutral tones will match almost any wardrobe! Length of 6.25“.
Natural Stone Necklace 250Natural Stone Necklace 250Orange you glad we made this lovely necklace with jasper and complementary white rounds? This unusual piece could be PERFECT for that outfit you couldn't find anything to match - until NOW!
Peyote 36Peyote 36Fun and light, this woven peyote-stitch bracelet consists of light blue, green, pink, black, and white delica seed beads in a diagonal brickwork pattern and is finished with a silver-tone pewter star toggle. It is 6.75“ long.
Cloisonne Bracelet 14Cloisonne Bracelet 14This stunning strung bracelet includes purple Cloisonne (enameled) rounds, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter. Measuring 7.25“ long.
Natural Bracelet 21Natural Bracelet 21This one-of-a-kind piece is born of large ovals of jasper, Swarovski crystal, and copper-tone pewter and measures 7 3/4“ long.
Pearl Bracelet 27Pearl Bracelet 27A pearl bracelet featuring light purple freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, and gold-tone pewter. It measures 7” in length.
Multi-strand Necklace 36Multi-strand Necklace 36Made for a lady of refined taste, this captivating piece uses two strands of blue crazy lace agate and Swarovski crystal, accented by silver-tone frames.
Double Helix Necklace 4Double Helix Necklace 4Call attention to yourself with this phenomenal piece of weaving, which resulted in what you see here, a necklace that closely resembles a double helix, woven with assorted bugles and seeds beads and finished with sterling silver. The length is 19.5 - 21”.
Multi-strand Necklace 38Multi-strand Necklace 38This stunning two-strand necklace includes freshwater pearls accented by a light green jasper, Swarovski crystal, and Sterling Silver, including the understated star pendant.
Pearl Necklace 46Pearl Necklace 46This necklace consists of green freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, white rounds, and silver-tone pewter, including the unusual star pendant. It measures 17.25“ long.
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